Captain Charles Boyle, HMS Worcester
Monday, 11 May 1719

Fresh gales and squally with rain. At 1 pm weighed and anchored near castle, it bearing NE quarter mile. Carried out one stream anchor and hove our broadsides again upon the castle. At the same time the Flamborough was ordered to weigh and come in again and stand up the river about 3 miles. We had intelligence by a Spanish deserter who came over to us that there was a house there with several barrels of powder in it. Upon the Flamborough appearing near the House, the rebels set fire to a great quantity of powder and other ammunition. We and the Enterprise still continued firing at the castle.

At half past left off firing and at 8 we made a great discharge of our cannon upon the castle. Under that cover I sent my second lieutenant, Mr George Weston, and Mr Robert Wheatly, second lieutenant of the Enterprise, in our boats, manned and armed, ashore under the foot of the castle, which they attacked and took after a small resistance. In the castle we found an Irishman, a captain, a Spanish lieutenant, a serjeant, one Scotch rebel and 39 Spanish soldiers, 343 barrels of powder and 52 barrels of musquet shot. We likewise burnt several barns etc where they had a quantity of corn for the use of their camp.

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