Captain Charles Boyle, HMS Worcester
Sunday, 10 May 1719

At 4 unmoored ship and hove short. At 7 weighed and at 8 anchored before the castle of Donan, the castle bearing NE by E half mile. Sent a flag of truce ashore which they fired at, upon which we began to fire upon the castle in company with the Enterprise and Flamborough. At 10 left off firing in order to get closer in. At half past the Flamborough hauled out of the line and anchored again about 3 cables to the eastward of us. This morning I confined Mr Bignel for neglect of duty.

Lt Randolph Barker, HMS Flamborough
Sunday, 10 May 1719

Blew hard and squally. We anchored at the entrance of the Lough of Kintaile. At 7 am we weighed and at 9 we anchored close to Donan Castle. At the same time, the Worcester's boat was fired at from the castle when going thither with flag of truce, whereupon the boat returned and we began to cannonade the castle, continuing to do so for about an hour, then weighed and anchored again further off.

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