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Tue 23 October 2018
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 Genealogy - Help Needed
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I am currently undergoing the task of sorting out my family heritage and genealogy. A hardy task indeed. My mothers side was well recorded and we even have the ship they left on from Glasgow. My fathers side on the other hand has hit a bit of a block. We currently have the belief that it is of Scottish or Scotch-Irish decent due to a long history of marriage into Scottish and Scotch-Irish families. Also that our family has lived in down east Maine for as long as recorded where you can hardly throw a stone without hitting someone of Scottish decent. So it comes down to John Rae, my 6th great grandfather who only record I have of in America is a marriage certificate in 1753. I have no birth records or immigration records in regards to this man. So I am looking for anything on a John Rae born around 1728 give or take 5 or so years who has removed to America particularly Massachusetts or Maine. Anything could help.
Thank you very much for your time.

Query posted by : Daniel Rae

15 May 2012 at 03.25
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