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Sat 20 October 2018
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 Genealogy - Help Needed
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Hi....My name is Darlene McRae Daniels and I'm brand new to genealogy. My husband and I would like to plan a trip to see the Castle in Kintail and before then I would like to know if it might be a part of my family history. As a young child, I was always told that there were two McRae brothers that came over to make there way in America. One, went into marketing which became the McRae Dept. stores in the south and the other became a farmer in the south, which my Dad's people were farmers in Louisiana at the time of my birth. My Dad and all of his siblings, when grown, moved to the Houston, Texas area, in which I was born. Has anyone else every heard of this story? There aren't many family records because my Dad's people were country people and mostly born at home but I do know that they were know as the McRae Clan in Leesville, Louisiana. If anyone could help me get started on my search, I would greatly appreciate it.
Darlene McRae Daniels

Query posted by : Darlene McRae Daniels

19 Jul 2010 at 01.22
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Hello. My name is Tom McRae and I am one of the
co-administrators of the McRae DNA project. I have considerable information about the McRaes who settled in the southeastern US and I'll be glad to share that with you. There were quite a few more than two brothers who emigrated. The first US Federal Census in 1790 listed 49 McRae families and, interestingly, they all lived in North Carolina. If you are related to the McRaes of Leesville, LA, then (a) your ancestors were probably among the 49 families; and (b) we may be distant cousins because some of the McRaes of Leesville are descended from Long Daniel McRae of Richmond County, NC. Long Daniel was a brother to my ggg-grandmother, Sarah McRae, who married Alexander McRae (Little) of Richmond County. You are welcome to E-mail me at Tom McRae, Charlotte, NC

Reply posted by : Tom McRae

14 Oct 2010 at 22.45
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