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Wed 14 November 2018
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 Genealogy - Help Needed
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Hi, My name is Callum Smith and I live in the Borders of Scotland. I have recently received into my possession, after the sad passing of my uncle Graham eleven years ago, the family tree he had spent years researching and I would love to continue it. Before I came to have this document, with almost 200 names on it going back to the 1600's and seem to orientate 'so far' to Kintail, I only knew of my grandparents and nothing further. I have read a few pages on here about tree lines that people are looking for and wonder are some of you distant relatives of mine?
I will list here the tree I have that has my grandparents and great grandparents and great great grandparents etc etc etc although I have much more information on relatives of them in many different angles.
It starts with me CALLUM McKENZIE SMITH born Dumfries in 1976 (Wife Sinay Erkarakasoglu born in Izmir 1985). My father CALLUM MACRAE SMITH born 1957 in Ammersham (Wife Josephine Renwick born 1957 in Dumfries). My grandfather EOIN SMITH born in Thame 1926 (Wife Sadie Graham or McKenzie born 1930 in Gretna). Then his mother PEGGY MACRAE born 1904 in Lochcarron (Husband Edward Smith born in Thame 1880). Her father was JOHN DHUTH MACRAE born 1872 in Avernish (Wife Raechel Gillies born 1868 in Sleat). His father ALEXANDER AVERNISH MACRAE born 1840 in Avernish (Wife Ann MacLennan born 1845 in Balmacara). His father DONALD SMOR MACRAE born 1810 in Plockton (Wife Mary MacDonald born 1810 in Kintail). His father DONALD ROY MACRAE born 1784 in Kintail (Wife Jean Ann Marie MacDonald born 1790 in Stoer). His father DONALD INVERINATE MACRAE born 1730 in Plockton (Wife Christina Strome MacRae born 1740 in Kintail). His father CHRISDEAN BUIE MACRAE born 1700 in Kintail (Wife Shona MacRae born 1692 in Kintail).
Now if anyone would like to get in touch with me please email me on, I would love to hear from you.

Query posted by : Callum Smith

17 Jul 2010 at 13.16
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I have emailed you seperately but just in case technology has failed me I'll do this as well -I am a relative and would be interested in emailing more -Your dad was my 1st cousin
Best wishes
Andrew kirk

Reply posted by : Andrew Kirk

17 Aug 2010 at 18.31
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