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Tue 23 October 2018
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 Genealogy - Help Needed
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I have found a Macrae in my family tree.
Margaret Macrae married David Arnot, possibly a cooper, possibly from Irving or Irvine. Margaret's sister Agnes married Wm Sandilands, these two had 5 children: Robert, John, Agnes, Janet Margaret. I have no record of who Margaret Macrae's parentage, other than the surname. Late 1700s, I think.
David Arnot the cooper was the son of David Arnot of Hillhead.

Query posted by : Alison Mb

9 Jun 2010 at 13.40
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I have just come here to the Clan Macrae forum for the first time. I am also descended frrom Margaret Macrae and David Arnot. I am busy trying to find information also. I have a lot of information on the Arnots, but am always happy to have more. We all seem to be able to find information that is able to fill gaps for each other.
I am happy to share my information and am hoping that you have had some luck in finding information on our McRaes.
Would love to get in touch.

Reply posted by : Liz

24 Jul 2010 at 14.52
att: Liz, thank you for replying. Where do your ancestors fit into this picture? Would love to exchange information and go back further into the Macrae/Arnot family tree, as I am stumped. This David A and Mgt McR had a son Andrew b.1817 who married Agnes Parker Russell and emigrated to Australia in 1849. Are we talking about the same people? David's parents were David and (poss?) Jane Fulton. AMB

Reply posted by : Alison Mb

30 Jul 2010 at 01.22
Hello there, saw this post and was interested as we are researching our family to draw up a family tree. I'm related to William Sandilands (He's my Great great great great grandad - born in 1791 we think) and married Agnes Macrae. I was just wondering if you knew any more on Margaret and Agnes' parents were, or any information regarding agnes, william or the macrae's.

Reply posted by : Jacks

29 Jun 2014 at 14.58
Hi Alison,
Sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your message. i must have missed the postings on the message board.
In answer to your question. Yes. We are talking about the same David Arnot and Margaret McRae. I look forward to sharing with you and any others who are related. I have the Arnot (Russell-Arnot) Australian history more or less finished now. It turns out to be very interesting. Let me know if you would like to start sharing information and pics.

Reply posted by : Liz Russell-arnot

10 May 2017 at 08.38
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