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Thu 18 October 2018
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 Genealogy - Help Needed
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Much to my suprise after submitting our family DNA it turned out we were not from the McKenzie line but, the Macrae line. My last known ancestor was Daniel McKenzie born Nov. 28, 1823 near Grantown, Strathspey, Scotland. I have searched for his parents on every record imaginable and have never found him. So, we submitted a direct male line for DNA testing and we have matched almost number by number the DNA of the Macrae line under the Dalriada branch. Any help would be appreciated. When and why the name change? Thanks

Query posted by : Richelle Buckles

29 Dec 2009 at 21.36
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I don't know if this is any use to you but you posted some itriguing comments. I am a descendent of Samuel McKenzie who arrived in Astralia in 1855 but reords show the name was previous Macrae McKenzie. To add to the intrigue his 1st child was Isabella Dalgarno(spelling?)McKenzie and his last child born in Fiji was Alexander Roderick Macrae McKenzie. He was married in Inverness Scotland before they came to Australia and his father was John by the 1851 Scottish census but then we hit a brick wall. Any information you have on the Dalirada line and yours with regard to McKenzie would be greatly appreciated if you could share. Thanks Nancy O'Connell

Reply posted by : Nancy O'connell

26 May 2012 at 03.05
The McKenzie name may have come from a second marriage of a Macrae widow with a very young child or a youth may have found it useful to use his mothers surname amongst strangers.
Dalriada DNA is present in several clans including the MacGregors, many of whom sheltered under the Macrae name during their time of proscription, in fact their current Chief has only 4 differences from the Macrae model at 67.
I hope this is of some use. Regards,

Reply posted by : Alasdair MacRae

24 Jun 2012 at 22.44
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