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Mon 24 February 2020
Archive: Nathan receives apology
12 April 2006
Nathan Warmack in his MacRae kiltFurther to the news article Warmacks right to wear The Clan MacRae tartan, it is reported that the conflict between the Warmacks and Jackson High School has subsided after Nathan received an apology from the School Board.

In a written statement, school superintendent Dr. Ron Anderson said school officials had no right to bar the student from wearing a kilt to any school function.

Anderson also apologized in the letter, saying that Nathan Warmack was humiliated by McClard’s action barring him from the November dance. The superintendent promised in the letter that the district will train administrators and staff in the ‘proper application’ of the dress code in an effort to prevent ‘future errors in interpretation.’

In exchange, the Warmacks agreed they wouldn't take any legal action against school officials.

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