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Mon 24 February 2020
Archive: - One year on
August 2004's been a whole year since this web site was relaunched, and what a phenomenal response we have received in that time.

Well over 330 people are currently on mailing list, receiving the 10,000 news items, bulletins, announcements and shop updates we have sent throughout the year.

A large number of these people are also regular visitors to the Clan MacRae Forum, contributing to over 100 messages already there discussing clan history, ancestors, gatherings and places.

There have been many success stories generated by the site, including Fraser McRae and Kyle Mcallister, who after exchanging messages on the Forum discovered they share the same great great grandfather. The Clan MacRae Society has since added a third person to this new relationship by putting them in touch with another descendant.

These impressive statistics could have been better still. Every time a message is sent to the mailing list, a handful of them are returned as undeliverable. These are caused by e-mail addresses that were mis-typed when joining the list, subscribers changing their e-mail addresses but not telling us, and over enthusiastic spam filters not allowing our messages through.

To be assured of receiving your messages, please ensure you take care when subscribing, let us know if you change your e-mail address, and add to your spam filter allowed list if you have one.

Multiple refused messages will result in your name being removed from the list. If you notice that you have not received messages from us for some time, this may be the reason why.

In the meantime, here's looking forward to the next year and hope that you enjoy regular visits to our site.

UPDATE: - Two years on

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