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Mon 24 February 2020
Archive: Auckland Highland Games 2003
Saturday 22 November 2003
Its that time of the year again when those with some Scottish heritage like to celebrate by hurling haggis and tossing cabers. Such strange but time honoured traditions were seen at the annual Auckland Highland Games and Gathering on Saturday 22 November 2003 at Three Kings Reserve, Auckland, New Zealand.

One theory behind caber tossing – the tossing end over end of large tree poles – is that it was one way of crossing a river. Haggis hurling goes back to early clan gatherings. Women would toss a haggis across a stream to their husbands whose job it was to catch it with their kilts.

The Scots are gluttons for punishment. The Farmers Walk involves carrying two 100kg weights and racing around a 50m course. Throwing and weightlifting aside there was also dancing, pipe bands, a mock historic battle between the Scots and the Vikings, a tug of war and the march of the clans.

Sixteen clans were represented this year; their colourfully decorated tents fringed the Three Kings Reserve. Kathy McLeod welcomed the crowd in Gaelic and the Mayor of Auckland; John Banks officially opened the games following the March of the Clans.

Sue & Kevin Tregoweth, Heather Hine, Jeffery McRae, Alison Atkin, Marion Keane and Jeanette Ross represented Clan MacRae.

For further information, contact :
Sue Tregoweth, Clan MacRae Society of New Zealand.
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