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Fri 13 December 2019
Donald McRae was born on 13 June 1872 the son of Ann and Finlay McRae of Canoe Cove on the southern coast of Prince Edward Island, Canada. He was one of 13 children on the farm at Canoe Cove and he might have become a farmer if his uncle John McRae had not offered him a job in his clothing store in North Tryon. John was also a schoolteacher, and he encouraged Donald to study and continue his education.

Donald worked and studied in parallel for a number of years. He graduated with honours from Dalhousie University in 1908 where he became Dean of the Law six years later. After teaching Greek at Cornell University for 6 years and then at Princeton for 4 years, during which time he earned a degree and PhD, he returned to Canada to study law at Osgoode Hall in Toronto, graduating in 1912 and being called to the bar in 1913. He became a highly esteemed lawyer in Toronto and was appointed King's Councillor, the highest position you could reach as a lawyer in Canada at that time. He retired in 1944.

Donald was also active in Rotary and was author, draftsman and promoter of the "International Object.", the fourth object of Rotary to aid in the advancement of international peace and goodwill. In recognition of this monumental contribution to the Rotary constitution, the Rotary Zone 22 Donald MacRae Peace Award, an inscribed glass plaque, is now annually awarded to recognize and honour an individual or organization for outstanding achievement consistent with International Object.

Donald moved to Toronto in 1924 where he stayed until he died in 1957.

Sara Eriksén
great-granddaughter of Donalds uncle John McRae

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