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Mon 6 July 2020

LBSCR Billinton B2 class 4-4-0 Nº314 Charles C Macrae

RJ Billinton's first express passenger engines for the LBSCR were the Class B2 4-4-0s, designed between 1893 and 1895 but not appearing until June 1895. Very curvaceous, they were attractive engines, but not particularly successful and when taking over the comparatively lightly loaded Portsmouth line trains, were hard pressed to match the performance of their predecessors!

During their earlier years they were referred to as "Duncannons", after the second of the class, although the loco crews of the day called them "Grasshoppers" on account of their rough riding!

Despite the problems of the class, with careful driving they could perform adequately for most purposes and, as the numbers increased, they were also used on the heavier Brighton and Eastbourne line services.

Modernisation of the locomotives started in 1907 after Marsh had taken over at Brighton, starting with No.310 and ending with No.317 in 1916. As the locomotives were repainted in Marsh's umber livery (and policy of abandoning names for engines) so the names were removed.

All the engines had been named after notable people, some connected with the LBSCR and some with the Institution of Civil Engineers. No. 314, built in 1895, was named Charles C Macrae after the LB&SCR Director, but lost its name in favour of just it’s new number 2314 after rebuild in 1911, before finally being withdrawn from service in Apr 1930.


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