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Mon 6 July 2020
13th November 1715

I walked alone on Sheriffmuir, one cold November day
And as I walked my heart was proud to bear the name MacRae
For on this Sheriffmuir fought one hundred of my clan,
They pledged their swords to good King James and died here to a man.

The Fiery Cross for the Stuart Cause was sent round all Kintail,
It called the Sons of Grace, to Seaforth and MacKenzies Shirt of Mail,
They followed the Banner of ‘Mar’, and marched to Perth in style,
Then on to Sheriffmuir to meet the army of Argyle.

The Sheriffmuir was frozen hard, on that early November morn,
The MacRaes were on the left flank, eager for the storm,
But badly led by ‘Bobbin John’, they bravely had to stand
And face the Hanoverian Dragoons in Battle, hand to hand.

Ten times they stood against that mounted flood,
Ten times their Claymores tasted blood,
Ten times they rallied to the call until, at last, they had to fall.
Bravery was shown that day, by every single man,
They gave their lives, for the Cause and the Honour of their Clan.

So when you visit Sheriffmuir, stand and bow your head,
And raise a flask of Usquabe to salute the brave and glorious dead,

Lt.Colonel J.R.MacRae, MBE.TD.
13th November 1998

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