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Mon 6 July 2020
Over the years, many wooden location signs marking the site of the Battle of Glenshiel in 1719 have disappered from the side of the road. Whether vandalised or stolen, the lack of these signs result in visiting tourists often missing the site completely.

The land is owned by the National Trust for Scotland, who have installed these wooden markers in the past. The Clan MacRae Society are now keen to work with the NTS to install more permanent markers and interpretation boards so that the importance of this site can be realised.

More details to follow as the campaign develops.

"We could not find the Glen Shiel battlefield - there's no marker at all. The custom in most US states is for the state to put up markers on the highways for historical sites, so if you're looking for something you'll probably find a marker on the highway. I would certainly have welcomed any marker, even a small one."

Larry McRae, North America

The National Trust for Scotland has acknowledged receipt of a donation of $500 from the Clan MacRae Society of North America towards the Glen Shiel marker project.

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